Our vision statement:

Voice for life exists to empower women and families to make healthy choices regarding pregnancy and parenting.

Our mission statement:

Voice for Life offers free and confidential services to educate and help women and their partners whom are facing the challenge of unplanned pregnancy, as well as sufferers of post-abortive syndrome.

If you need someone to talk to for emotional support, we are here for you. All of your information will remain confidential. Before you make a decision about your future, inform yourself!


Information About Pregnancy

You think you might be pregnant? You are unsure of what to do next?
Learn more about the symptoms of pregnancy.



Information About Abortion

Before you make any decision, inform yourself. You deserve to know all your options.

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Life After Abortion

You are not alone. Abortion can be a traumatic and painful experience. However, recovery is possible.

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A New Beginning

Your pregnancy test was negative. This is your chance for a new beginning.



Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Symptoms and consequences of sexually transmitted diseases



Contact Us

Do you want to talk to someone in a safe environment? If so, we are here for you.