Pregnancy symptoms:

Missing at least one month of menstrual cycle


Vomiting, especially in the morning

Sensitive / or enlarged breasts

Frequent urination



Change in appetite

Just because you have one of these symptoms does not mean that you are pregnant. However, it is better to take a test and remove any doubts. 

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Changes in your body
At this moment, in an effort to provide all the necessary nutrients for your baby's development, your body is going through great hormonal changes. This is the reason that you are most likely experiencing some of the symptoms that were mentioned above. To view a detailed ultrasound of a baby's weekly development, click below.




Due Date Calendar

Based on the probable date of conception and/or last menstrual cycle, you can calculate how long you have been pregnant and your estimated due date - here

Stages of Baby's Development

Conception - When an egg cell and a sperm unite, a new life begins. Both mother and father provide 23 chromosome each, totaling 46 chromosomes. These chromosomes will determine eye color, hair color, gender, height. . . From the moment of conception, this new life has its own unique DNA that never existed before, nor will there ever be an exact replica.

Week 4 - The baby's heart begins to beat.

Week 7 - All the main organs and bodily systems are now in place. The facial features of the fetus are being formed. 

Week 8 - The baby's eyelids are starting to form, as well as his or her fingers and toes. The baby started moving this week, even though you do not feel it yet. 

Week 9-12 - Fingernails and toenails are beginning to grow. Toward the end of week 12, hair starts growing. The baby can clinch his/her fist. 

Week 13-16 - In this phase, male and female genitalia are recognizable. Your baby can hiccup and can suck on his/her thumb. The baby can frown, smile, and make faces. 

Week 17-24 - The baby has his/her own unique finger prints. Ultrasound reveals that at this time, many babies are smiling and puckering their lips.

             "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb." - Psalm 139:13

Information on our Web page is intended for the purpose of general education and therefore cannot serve as a replacement for professional and/or a doctor's advice. Information about fetal development is based on the research of the Mayo Clinic and can be found here; access November 5, 2009. The second source that was used was Peter Tallack, (Washington, DC: National Geographic 2006).